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« Accès & Présence WDLink » fait référence à un système sophistiqué de contrôle d’accès et de gestion des présences conçu pour améliorer la sécurité et rationaliser la gestion des effectifs dans divers contextes.

Accès & Présence


The WD01T is designed to provide unsuper vised access control into .and cut of, high security facililies.

The impenetrable construction virtually eliminates any unauthorized entry to restricted areas. The rigid welded stainless steel construction of the full height rotor turnstiles offers advanced reliability and vandal resistance, and guarantees many years of the turn¬stile trouble-free operation even in unfavourable en-vironments.

The rotor is manufactured in stainless steel and is available in either four section (90 degree) or three section (120 degree) versions

The use of electro-magetic drive and mechanism ensure smooth and quiet operation as well as dy¬namic braking and crossbars positioning.


Smart Door Lock

Serrure de Porte Intelligente à Empreintes Digitales Dallas Pro, Mot de Passe, Sans Clé, pour Chambre d'Appartement, Tuya Andrea Camera, Numérique


Smart Door Lock

Intelligent Smart Wifi Fingerprint Smart Lock APP 3D Face Recognition Password Home Security Electronic Door Lock With Cat Eye Camera.


The anti-smashing radar WD10R is a new type of vehicle detector, which uses microwave broadband technology and high-speed digital signal processing technology.

It is applicable to vehicle supervision and detection at the entrance and exit of parking lot or underground garage and toll station.

It is an indispensable and important part of intelligent parking system and toll system. Compared with the traditional sense of land, it has the following characteristics and advantages.


Smart Door Lock

Tuya WD2 Smart WiFi Lock with Fingerprint and Cats Eye Camera


Smart Door Lock

Serrure intelligente Wifi 3D, reconnaissance faciale, écran tactile, mot de passe, empreinte digitale, biométrique, électronique, Type de batterie Rechargeable


WD219B is a high-quality automatic bollard which is used widely to protect security areas from vehicle intrusion. It is an ideal solution for entrance with high security requirements. Raising time of WD219B is 3 seconds. Even if the intrusion is from high tonnage vehicle in high speed, the bollard will stop the vehicle easily because it is so solid that the vehicle will break after impact instead. There are also some extra safety precautions in the design of WD219B.

The LED bar on the bollard can effectively avoid accidents caused by poor vision of drivers at night. In case of power failure, the bollard can be lowered manually. Equipped with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), various control methods can be achieved easily, such as biometric readers, remote control and push button station.

The bollard is commonly found in customs, ports, prisons and military bases where traffic guidance is needed to protect people and property. This product provides ideal access control in areas mentioned above and raises the level of security.


Smart Door Lock

Tuya WD2P Smart WiFi Lock with Fingerprint and Cats Eye Camera


Smart Door Lock

Serrure électronique numérique à verrouillage automatique, empreinte digitale biométrique Tuya, WiFi, serrure de porte intelligente, déverrouillage à distance pour maison, appartement, WD3


Smart Door Lock

Serrure de porte électronique intelligente sans clé, caméra étanche, empreinte digitale extérieure, TUYA, WIFI, code de carte LED RFID, aluminium, verre coulissant


Smart Door Lock

fingerprint MF Card Password hybrid Verification Glass Door Lock


Smart Door Lock

WD7 Smart TTlock Fingerprint Password Bedroom Card Handle Lock for Wooden Door